Puma Una

The World’s Easiest Universal Spinal Orthosis

The Puma Una is the world’s easiest universal orthosis. You don’t cut off or fold a long belt. You don’t need tools. And it fits a size range of 30” to 71”. Here’s how it works.

Start with the correct Puma Una Kit: MP (L0627) or SP (L0631) or SL (L0637), etc.). Example: SP

The Puma Una SP Kit consists of 4 pieces:

  • small SP belt assembly
  • large SP belt assembly
  • small front panel with insert
  • large front panel with insert

Simply match a belt assembly to a front panel and, violà, you’ve created a Puma Una brace!

It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

Step 1: Measure the patient.
Example: 39.5”
Step 2: Create the correct combination – Combo I, II, or III from the chart below.
Example: # I (small belt, small front)

Combo #Size RangeBelt Assembly & Front
I 30” – 46”small belt, small front
II 44” – 61” large belt, small front
III54” – 71” large belt, large front

Combo I: Small Belt, Small Front – Fits 30″ – 46″ range

Blue horizontal Line

Combo II: Large Belt, Small Front – Fits 44″ – 61″ range

Blue horizontal Line

Combo III: Large Belt, Large Front – Fits 54″ – 71″ range

Blue horizontal Line

Step 3: Fit the Puma Una SP on the patient
Example: Secure the brace on the patient and pull the straps tight.

Finally, re-order the combo you used, replace them in your Puma Una SP Kit, and repeat.

The orthotist who fits the Puma Una will be rewarded with the gratitude of trusting patients and the respect of referring physicians.

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Ordering Information

Puma MP L0627 / L0642 PDAC Code Approval Letter

Puma SP L0631 / L0648 PDAC Code Approval Letter

Puma SL L0637 / L0650 PDAC Code Approval Letter

Puma Pro L0637 / L0650 PDAC Code Approval Letter

Puma TL L0456 / L0457 PDAC Code Approval Letter

Puma TLSL – Ready to ship, PDAC Pending