About Blue Diamond Orthopedic

On March 1 of 2015, prosthetist, orthotist and brace designer, David Hendricks CPO, started Blue Diamond Orthopedic, now known as “Home of the Panther.”

Back in a previous century, David founded HOPE Orthopedic, a similar spinal brace business. In 2009, HOPE was acquired by UOG. Now David and a chosen core of his former staff are back at it in Orlando.

If you are a former HOPE Orthopedic customer and remember the caring customer service and patient-friendly products of those days, we cordially invite you to return to the same people in the same place, but to a value-enhanced line of new spinal braces, primarily the patent-pending Panther brace!

The Panther comes in five L-code(s), from the minimal Panther MP (L0627/L0642) to the tri-planar-control Panther TLSL-II (L0464), with four LSOs and two TLSOs in the mix – as well as a few variations for specific customers with special needs. Call us to find out what we can cook up for you!

At Blue Diamond Orthopedic our slogan is, “Best Value in Spinal Bracing.” We don’t just say it. We do it!

And lest you think “cheap” when you see our prices, we invite you to examine the braces at our stand at an O&P or Spine Surgery meeting near you. We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Or, on your next family trip to see Mickey, drop in to say hi! We’re conveniently located near the Florida Mall in south Orlando. The coffee’s hot, the air-conditioning’s cold, and the welcoming smiles are warm as Florida sunshine.