Puma Pro

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Puma Pro

The Puma Pro spinal brace provides comfort and control for the patient with mild to severe back pain.

Your computer doesn’t need a floppy disc. Neither does your patient. Today’s braces, with their flimsy belts and itsy-bitsy plates, are soft and cozy, sure, but so is a flannel nightgown.

The Puma Una is a serious orthosis with a substantial belt and rigid Kydex shell that provides significant sagittal and coronal control. And for more superior stabilization, the optional Sternal Thoracic Extension Plate is available.

  • The Puma Pro  brace fits various body types in sizes ranging from 20″ to 70″ or in a universal size.
  • The Puma Pro brace is PDAC approved in:
    • L0637/L0650
      • Back shell for sagittal and coronal control
      • Provides support from S1 to T9
    • Smooth compression is applied by a patent-pending 2-2-2 easy-pull closure system
      • 2X mechanical advantage in back
      • 2X mechanical advantage on each side
      • 2 straps for bilateral cinching allow for quick compression adjustment
    • Molded front and back plates provide control
      • Formed from genuine Kydex
      • Molded to a standard body shape during fabrication
      • Heat re-moldable for a specific patient during fitting
    • Plush breathable belt fabric provides comfortable support
    • The Puma is available:
    • Blue Diamond Orthopedic warranties all spinal braces for six months

When you fit a Puma Pro Brace, you’ll be rewarded with the gratitude of trusting patients, the respect of referring physicians, and the satisfaction of knowing that you cared enough to fit the best.

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Puma Pro L0637 / L0650 PDAC Code Approval Letter