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Superior Stabilization

The Puma TLSL is a TLSO with the bi-lateral control of a posterior-lateral shell.

Like the Puma Pro, the Puma TLSL is a serious orthosis with a substantial belt and rigid Kydex shell that provides significant sagittal and coronal control. But, whereas the Puma Pro controls only the lumbar spine, the Puma TLSL extends that level of support to the upper thoracic spine. It also includes, for even more superior sagittal stabilization, a Sternal Thoracic Extension Plate extension.

Try a Puma TLSL on yourself:

  • Experience its control; you’ll be surprised at its comfort.
  • Experience its comfort; you’ll be amazed at its support.

When you fit a Puma TLSL, you’ll be rewarded with the gratitude of trusting patients, the respect of referring physicians, and the satisfaction of knowing that you cared enough to fit the best.

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Ordering Information

Patient Instructions – Soon

Fitter’s Guide – Soon

Puma TLSL L0456 / L0457 PDAC Code Approval Letter