Puma Patient Care And Use Instructions

Puma MP, Puma SP & Puma SL

Putting on the Puma Brace

  1. Loosen the right and left straps and extend the back belt gap fully. This should have been end one when you last took the brace off, so you can normally ignore this step.
  2. Holding the left belt against your abdomen, fasten the right belt snugly onto the left belt.
  3. Position the brace so that the back is centered and the brace’s lumbar curve most comfortably fits the small of your back.
  4. Pull both straps simultaneously to a comfortable tension. If the straps overlap, the right strap should be on top, but it’s best if both straps attach directly to the belt. The straps are designed to work together, so if you tighten only one, the other will be loose.
  5. If your Puma brace has a chest plate (STEP) with shoulder straps, you can either put the brace on like a shirt, slipping your arms through the straps, or you can loosen one of the straps to remove the Puma brace, then re-tighten that strap after putting it back on.
  6. If your Puma brace has lateral pouches, they should be centered on sides of your body.

Tips on wearing your Puma Brace

  • Wear a cotton t-shirt under the brace. It’s easier to wash a cotton shirt than a Puma brace.
  • After taking off the brace, leave all Velcro hook covered so it can’t damage fabrics.
  • If you find it difficult to don the Puma brace as instructed above, you might try laying the brace flat on the bed, then lying down on it. This will make it easier to tighten.
  • If you experience pain or swelling upon wearing this brace, contact your doctor immediately.

Cleaning your Puma Brace

  • Remove the front plate from its pocket and detach the right and left belts from the backplate.
  • Before detaching the belts, take phone pictures so you’ll be able to replace them correctly.
  • Hand wash the belts and straps with mild soap, rinse with cool water & dry flat between towels.
  • When replacing the plastic plates, the engraved text will indicate top and outside orientations.


  • Blue Diamond Orthopedic warranties spinal braces for one year from the date of sale.

To download the Puma Patient Care and Use Information Click Here.