Puma MP

Puma MP

The L0627/L0642 Puma MP spinal brace delivers comfort and control for your patient with mild to moderate low back pain. The plush breathable fabric provides the comfort. The rigid Kydex plates provide the control.

The innovative 2-2-2 compression system allows the brace to be gently snugged, even by elderly arthritis sufferers with diminished hand strength.

With just two sizes, Petite and Grande, the “deuciversal” Puma Una brace can accurately fit patient torso shapes from 30” to 66”.

No more cutting or folding belts; no more squeezing Bubba into the same brace you’d wrap twice around Granny—just select the best of the two sizes and apply it to your patient.

For a custom fitting, the pre-molded Kydex plates may be re-molded with a heat gun. Other custom modifications are possible.


  • Short back plate for mild control
  • Provides support from S1 to L5
  • Plush breathable belt fabric comfortably fits various body types
  • Sizes ranging from 30″ to 66″
  • PDAC Approved: L0627/L0642
  • Patent Pending 2-2-2 easy-pull closure system

Patent Pending 2-2-2 easy-pull closure system

Mechanical advantage (MA = 4X) allows for smooth compression by combining a 2X posterior force multiplier and 2X lateral force multiplier with bilateral cinching.

Puma 2-2-2 easy-pull closure system_2016-09-063

Custom Fit or Off the Shelf

The Puma MP is designed to be dispensed as is or customized by experienced professional.

Custom Fitting

  • Kydex anterior and posterior plates provide durable control, a precise fit, and the ability to heat mold them to accommodate the patient’s anatomy.
  • The tri-laminate belt, anterior panel, and posterior pad can be cut to provide access to the surgical site, stomas, or wherever needed.

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  • Custom-branded, engraving, embroidering, and labeling
  • Volume Pricing
  • Becoming a distributor

Off The Shelf Ordering Options

  • Deucivercal – Two sizes fit all
    • Petite – 30″ – 44″
    • Grande – 42″ – 66″
  • Choose a lordoses
    • 0 degrees
    • 5 degrees
    • 15 degrees
    • 25 degrees
  • Various anterior styles
    • Standard Profile
    • Standard Profile STEP ready (pre-drilled)
    • Standard Profile STEP attached
    • Standard Pendulous
    • Pendulous STEP ready (pre-drilled)
    • Pendulous STEP attached

Blue Diamond Orthopedic warranties all spinal braces for six months

When you fit a Puma Una Brace, you’ll be rewarded with the gratitude of trusting patients, the respect of referring physicians, and the satisfaction of knowing that you cared enough to fit the best.

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