Fitting Videos

Table of Content

  1. Panther Fitting Video (How to size all Panther braces)
  2. Panther SL Supplemental Video
  3. Panther TL Supplemental Video
  4. Panther FP 464 Supplemental Video (How to adjust the Panther-TLSL-II components)
  5. More instruction videos on the way!

Panther Fitting Video

The Panther spinal brace is a totally new way to do universal.

No tools are needed. Simply add or remove belt segments to adapt the Panther to any body shape and size.

Watch the How to Size Your Panther Back Brace video above for instructions on how to size your Panther.

The Panther SL spinal brace is indicated for the patient with moderate to severe low-back pain. The breathable mesh and the rigid Kydex posterior and lateral plates combine to provide bi-planar LSO control.

The Panther TL spinal brace is an excellent TLSO for the treatment of compression fractures, excessive kyphosis, or for post-fusion stabilization. The adjustable-height posterior plate maintains a gentle extensive force.

The Panther TLSL spinal brace delivers maximum spinal control. The posterior-lateral shell, rigid anterior plate, and twin lateral plates overlap to provide circumferential support & control.

With its sternal plate (STEP) and attached shoulder straps, the Panther TLSL offers triplanar control from the symphysis pubis to the sternum anteriorly and from the gluteal fold to the scapular spines posteriorly.

Watch the Panther FP 464 Supplemental Fitting Video above for instructions on how to adjust your Panther-TLSL-II.