Leopard One TLSL

Leopard TLSL

Quad Control TLSO

The Leopard TLSL spinal brace delivers maximum spinal control. The posterior, anterior and long bi-lateral control plates overlap to provide circumferential support & control.

With its sternal STEP and attached shoulder straps, the Leopard TLSL offers triplanar control from the symphysis pubis to the sternal notch anteriorly and from the gluteal fold to the scapular spines posteriorly.

The quad-strap compression system snugs the brace firmly.

To fit the Leopard TLSL, set the torso circumference by trimming and reattaching the lateral extensions, then replace the straps. Adjust the long lateral pouch and the shoulder straps, then don the brace, snug it to the torso, and set the STEP height.


  • Quad Control TLSO
  • Posterior-lateral shell
  • Plush tri-laminate fabric
  • Smooth quad-pull compression
  • Sacral to thoracic spinal control
  • Adjustable shoulder/axilla straps
  • Choice of STEP
    I – Greater vertical range
    II – Quick-adjust extension

Universal Size

One size fits 30” to 65”

PDAC Approved

L0464 Custom Fit


  • 0°, 5°, 15°, or 25° lordosis
  • Standard or Mid-height anterior
  • Standard or Pendulous anterior plate
  • STEP-ready (thicker, pre-drilled) anterior plate

Bolded is default configuration


Blue Diamond Orthopedic warranties all spinal braces for one year.


When you fit a Leopard Brace, you’ll be rewarded with the gratitude of trusting patients and the respect of referring physicians.