Puma Una TLS

Puma Una TLS

Quad Control TLSO

The Puma Una TLS spinal brace delivers maximum control for your patient with severe, high-level back pain. It delivers triplanar control by means of a posterior-lateral shell and circumferentially-overlapping plastic, a vertically-adjustable posterior strut, and a STEP (Sternal Thoracic Extension Plate) with shoulder straps.

The dual cinch straps allow the brace to be smoothly snugged, even by elderly patients with diminished hand strength.

With just two sizes, Petite and Grande, the Puma Una spinal brace can accurately fit torsos from 30” to 72”.


  • Easy-pull strap closure
  • Overlapping plastic for lateral control
  • Adjustable-length shoulder/axilla straps
  • Adjustable-height posterior shell provides support from sacral to thoracic spine
  • Adjustable-height STEP (Sternal Thoracic Extension Plate) extends to the sternal notch.

Two Sizes Fit All

  • Petite – 30” to 44”
  • Grande – 42” to 72”

PDAC Approved

L0464 Custom Fit


  • 0°, 5°, 15°, or 25° lordosis
  • Standard or Pendulous anterior
  • STEP-ready (thicker, pre-drilled) front plate

Bolded is default configuration


Blue Diamond Orthopedic warranties all spinal braces for one year.


When you fit a Puma Una Brace, you’ll be rewarded with the gratitude of trusting patients and the respect of referring physicians.