Lynx Patient Care And Use Instructions

Lynx MP & Lynx SP

Read these instructions before using this product. Correct application is important for proper brace function. If your doctor’s orders differ from these guidelines, follow your doctor’s instructions.

Putting on your Lynx back brace

Tack the outer cinch straps far enough back so that they are loose. If you did this when you last took the brace off, skip this step.

Press the left belt end to the left part of the front panel. This also will probably already have been done.

Position the brace so the back is centered on your back and stretch both sides of the elastic belt moderately, then press the right end of the belt to the right part of the front panel. At this point, the belt should be snug but not tight.

Using the handles provided, stretch the two outer cinch straps and press them onto the front of the brace. They should be tight yet comfortable. They may cross so that one fastens to the other.

Tips on wearing your Lynx brace

Wear a cotton t-shirt under the brace. It’s easier to wash a cotton shirt than a Lynx brace.

After taking off the brace, leave all Velcro hook covered so it can’t damage fabrics.

If you experience pain or swelling upon wearing this brace, contact your doctor immediately.

Cleaning your Lynx back brace

  • Remove the back plastic plate and fasten the Velcro so that the hook is covered.
  • Hand wash the Lynx with a mild detergent.
  • Rinse with cool water.
  • Air dry between towels, away from heat sources.
  • Note the engraved “TOP OUTSIDE” for correct reinsertion of the plastic plates in their pockets.


  • Blue Diamond Orthopedic warranties spinal braces for one year from the date of sale.

To download the Lynx Patient Care and Use Instructions Click Here.