Custom-Branding Program

from $5.00 per brace

Blue Diamond Orthopedic’s Custom Branding helps you stand out from the competition. Our slogan is: “Best Value in Spinal Bracing!” We trust you’ll agree, but besides our quality braces and unmatched service, we also offer something a little extra. Custom branding!

Now, for a very reasonable per-brace fee and zero up-front charges, you can fit spinal braces branded with your company’s name. You get embroidered emblems and can even add custom-branded documentation with piggy-back bag labels. That is, the spinal brace will appear to be made by you.

At each stage of our custom-branding process you are in control of how your brace looks. This is your brand and we know you want it just right. We’ll be glad to guide you, but you decide and you approve.

Emblems – $5 per emblem

Your brand (company name, logo, or mark) can be clearly displayed on a fully-embroidered, color emblem which will be permanently affixed using a heat-activated adhesive. Options vary depending on the brace you are customizing. See the Customization Availability chart below.

Custom Branded Packaging – $3 per brace

For distributors, or anyone reselling Blue Diamond Orthopedic spinal braces, this option makes the brace yours. It includes everything below.

  • Bag labels printed with your branding.
  • Fitting and Patient Instructions with your branding.
  • Also included is a digital print-ready brochure customized with your name and logo so your sales team can start marketing immediately.

Custom Branding Options & Pricing

Brace Custom Branding

  • Custom branding on back: $5.00
  • Custom branding on front: $5.00

Add Custom-Branded Packaging

  • Custom branding, back, plus custom documentation and bag label: $8.00
  • Custom branding, front, plus custom documentation and bag label: $8.00
  • Custom branding, front & back, plus custom documentation and bag label: $10.00

Add Custom Fulfillment

  • Drop Shipment direct to your customers from Orlando, but the package appears to come from you: $2.50

Billing Note: Custom Branding pricing is per brace. Custom Fulfillment is per shipment. No promotions or discounts can be applied.

Artwork Requirements


  • .eps (extended post script), .ai (Adobe Illustrator CS6 or older), high quality jpeg, pdf
  • For emblem placement on the back of the brace, the artwork should fit into a 2.3875” diameter circle.
  • For front emblems, the artwork should fit into either a 2.3875” diameter circle or into a 2”-wide X 1”-high oval.

Custom Packaging

  • .eps, .ai, or .dxf (Drawing Exchange Format)

For files in other formats (.jpeg, .tiff, .pdf) there will be a setup charge of $100 prior to proof and a lead time of 7-10 business days.

  • For the best results the artwork supplied should fit evenly into a 2.3875” diameter circle or into a 2”-wide X 1”-high oval

Note: In most cases, the artwork will need to be modified for production, and will require approval of illustrated or physical proof prior to production.

Custom Brace Orders

Initial Order

Every custom-branded spinal brace is unique. Please allow us time to prepare your first shipment. Times below are post final-proof approvals.

  • 2-3 weeks for emblems
  • Up to 7 business days for engraving
  • Up to 5 business days for packaging

Subsequent Orders

While we pride ourselves on same day fulfillment on all our standard products, custom products can take a bit longer. We will do our best to ship your order the day you place it, but we will be grateful for your understanding when we must fulfill large or last-minute orders the following business day. If you need expedited processing, please let us know when placing the order. We will do our best.