Sales Rep Details

Invest an extra 3 hours a week and earn an extra $30K a year. Do you work with hospitals, spine surgeons, orthopedic rehabs, or pain clinics?

  • 30% sliding scale commission.
  • You set your customer’s price!
  • No reports! Just focus on sales.
  • No Territory! Sell wherever you can.
  • Exclusive Accounts! You open it, you own it.

Check out these Panther Brace sales/commissions from a hospital and a pain clinic.

Spinal Brace Monthly Hospital
Monthly Clinic
Monthly Hospital
Monthly Clinic
Annual Commission
Panther MP 4 $135 $1,616
Panther SL 9 35 $399 $1,552 $23,418
Panther TL 3 $ 153 $1,839
Panther TLS 6 $539 $6,472
$1,226 $1,552 $33,345

That’s $33,345 a year, which is $2,779 a month, on three hours a week.

Yes, you can do it!

As a bonus, give your customer your rep number to use as their Amazon Panther brace promo code. They get a discount. You get a commission.*

Amazon works a little differently: To protect our customers, the Amazon Panther Brace display prices are very high. Ignore them. We have set the discount percentages to achieve the following discounts from our Panther Professional Prices (the red prices in the Sales/Commission Grid Sheet).

Quantity: 1  -> Professional Price

Quantity: 2-4  -> 6%

Quantity: 5-9 -> 12%

Quantity: 10+ -> 18%

*Sales rep commission on all Amazon sales: 15%

For more information, 800-867-6070