Attaching a STEP to any xiphoid-height-anterior spinal orthosis extends its upper limit to just inferior to the sternal-notch level.

The STEP’s height adjustability is achieved by sliding bars and spaced holes. Pectoral pressure is increased or decreased by bending aluminum (STEP-I) or resetting the hinge (STEP-II).

The “sternal plate,” so named because of its appearance, is a misnomer. It should not apply pressure to the sternum. The right and left ends, the pectoral plates, alone should apply the extensive force.

Shoulder straps are attached by quick-release buckles and are adjustable in length.

The STEP is an integral part of certain Blue Diamond Orthopedic TLSOs. Or it may be retro-fitted to other spinal braces. If purchased separately, it will include a hole-drill-template label and installation instructions. Either way, a hex key for the adjustment screws is included.


  • Molded Kydex sternal plate
    • Contacts only pectoral muscles
    • Eliminates sternal pressure
  • Height Range:
    • STEP-I: 12 5/8” – 22 5/8”
    • STEP-II: 16 1/8” – 22 3/8”
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps Range:
    • 5” to 11.5”
  • Includes allen wrench for adjustment


  • Universal

PDAC Approved

  • L1220


  • STEP I
    • Greater height range (see Specifications on left)
    • Fitter may need to bend metal if angle needs to be reset
    • Adjustable joint for precise angle setting
    • No metal bending needed