The Panther Spinal Brace

The Panther spinal brace is a totally new way to do universal.

No tools are needed. Simply add or remove belt segments to adapt the Panther to any body shape and size.

No more squeezing Bubba into the same brace you’d wrap twice around Granny! And, speaking of Granny, the force-multiplying closure allows for easy compression, even by elderly arthritic hands with diminished dexterity. Patent Pending


  • Universal
  • 25” to 66” range
  • No tools required
  • Auto-contour lordosis
  • Adapts to all body shapes
  • Smooth easy-pull compression
At Blue Diamond Orthopedic, spinal bracing is all we do! You might say we’re good at it.
Brace Custom Fit Off-the-Shelf Control Profile
Panther MP 627 L0627 L0642 Moderate LSO
Panther MP 627 GP L0627 L0642 Post-Op Cold Therapy LSO
Panther SP 631 L0631 L0648 AP LSO
Panther SL 637 L0637 L0650 APL LSO
Panther APL 639 L0639 L0651 Max APL Xiphoid Height LSO
Panther PRO 637 L0637 L0650 Max APL LSO
Panther PRO-T 456 L0456 L0457 Max APL TLSO
Panther TL 456 L0456 L0457 Thoracic Kyphosis Limiter TLSO
Panther TLSL 464 464 Custom Only Quad TLSO