Panther TLSL-II

Panther TLSL
Quad Control TLSO

The Panther TLSL spinal brace delivers maximum spinal control. The posterior-lateral shell, rigid anterior plate, and twin lateral plates overlap to provide circumferential support & control.

With its sternal plate (STEP) and attached shoulder straps, the Panther TLSL offers triplanar control from the symphysis pubis to the sternal notch anteriorly and from the gluteal fold to just inferior to the scapular spines posteriorly.

The string-and-pulley compression system allows for easy cinching, even by elderly arthritic hands.

The universal Panther TLSL requires no tools to fit. There’s no need to cut or fold a belt. Just add or remove belt segments.

PDAC Approved: L0464


  • Posterior-lateral shell
  • Bilateral pull handles
  • Breathable mesh belt
  • Lateral overlapping plastic
  • Smooth dual-pull compression
  • Sacral to thoracic spine control
  • Adjustable-height posterior & anterior
  • Adjustable shoulder/axilla straps
  • STEP (Sternal Thoracic Extension Plate)

Universal Size

  • One size fits all.
  • 25” to 66” and beyond! Just add extra belt segments.

PDAC Approved

  • L0464 Custom Fit Only


The Panther TLSL’s posterior-lateral shell auto-conforms to the patient’s lordosis as the brace is tightened.

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