Panther Fitting Guide

Fitting Guide

The Panther spinal brace is designed to naturally conform to your lumbar (the curve of the small of your back) when you cinch it tight.

Fitting the Panther belt requires no tools. You simply need to size the brace to fit your torso.

Step 1 – Measure Your Torso

Use your largest torso circumference and if between Builds go up to the next build.
Note: Women, use pants hip size; Men, use pants waist size.

Step 2 – Sizing the Panther

The good news is that, while this brace will fit torso circumferences from 25” to 66”, many people will use the brace as it is packaged, which fits torsos of 35” to 46”. If this includes you, skip to Step 3.

Adjust the brace per the Panther Size Chart’s recommendations.

Panther Builds

Build A: 25” – 36”    Belts Only
Build B: 35” – 46”    Belts and 2 five-inch Belt Segments
Build C: 45” – 56”    Belts and 2 ten-inch Belt Segments
Build D: 55” – 66”    Belts, 2 five-inch and 2 ten-inch Belt Segments

Add or remove the Belt Segments as needed

Open the back panel’s Gator Clip, insert Belt Segment

Close Gator Clip, and press firmly.

Open Belt Segment’s Gator Clip and insert Belt.

Close the Gator Clip, and press firmly.

Fitting The Panther

Loosen the two string pull handles, stick them to the right and left sides of the brace near the back perforated plastic pieces.

Pull the brace taut and wrap it around your torso, with the back centered and the curve of the back plastic aligning with the small of your back.

Holding the left belt end against your stomach, press the right belt end on top of it with snug tension.

Grasp the two string pull handles and pull them forward until the brace is tight, then set them down on the front of the brace.

Step 3 – Adjusting the String Length

When adjusting the length of the tension strings, the handles will usually end up in the front when the brace is properly tightened. But this doesn’t have to be so. If it works best for you to set the strings to different lengths, that is acceptable, so long as you can properly tighten the Panther brace.

To adjust the string length, create slack, then snag string with fingernail and either wind or unwind it to adjust the length.

Wind to shorten

Unwind to lengthen

Pull tight

That’s it!

You have fit the Panther brace.

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