Lynx Spinal Brace

The Lynx

The Lynx spinal brace is made of reinforced elastic with polymer plates in pockets. Two-stage elastic cinching allows for easy compression. You might say, “It’s a cinch to cinch.”

The orthopedic latex-free elastic offers ventilation for cool comfort as it contours itself to any body shape.

The molded polymer control plates are heat remoldable.

Lynx MP

PDAC approved at L0627/L0642, the Lynx MP has standard-height back (10”) and front (6”) panels. A taller version, the Lynx MP-T combines a 12” back with a 7” front for longer-waisted patients. It is also L0627/L0642.

Lynx SP

PDAC approved at L0631/L0648 is an even taller Lynx SP that features a back height of 15” with a standard front.


  • Double-thickness breathable elastic
  • Conforms to any body shape
  • Dual cinch straps with pull handles
  • Ridge anterior and posterior plates

PDAC Approved

  • Lynx MP: L0627/L0642
  • Lynx SP: L0631/L0648


The Lynx brace fits various body types in sizes ranging from 26″ to 68″

Small26” – 32”
Medium30” – 37”
Large34” – 41”
X-Large38” – 47”
2X-Large44” – 54”
3X-Large50” – 62”
4X-Large56” – 68”


Blue Diamond Orthopedic warranties all spinal braces for six months.


When you fit a Lynx Brace, you’ll be rewarded with the gratitude of trusting patients and the respect of referring physicians

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Lynx MP L0627 / L0642 PDAC Code Approval Letter

Lynx SP L0631 / L0648 PDAC Code Approval Letter

Lynx Catalog (PDF Download)