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The Panther

Our best seller! Patented, one size (25” to 66”), breathable mesh belt, force-multiplying string & pulley system.

Panther SL Shown Above

The Panther spinal brace is a totally new way to do universal.

No tools are needed. Simply add or remove belt segments to adapt the Panther to any body shape and size.

No more squeezing Bubba into the same brace you’d wrap twice around Granny! And, speaking of Granny, the force-multiplying closure allows for easy compression, even by elderly arthritic hands with diminished dexterity. Patent Pending


Legacy Braces

The following are “legacy braces”—derivatives of our previous HOPE Orthopedic braces.

The Leopard

Soft clamshell-type brace, plush fabric, rigid inserts. (Like the OrthoLux)

Leopard SP Shown Above

The Leopard spinal brace provides comfortable support for the patient with acute back pain. The Leopard combines luxurious tri-laminate fabric with molded polymer inserts, which can be re-molded for a precise fit.

The Leopard is one of the most comfortable spinal braces to wear, yet it provides aggressive support.

The Puma Una

Belt brace, plush fabric, rigid inserts, easy-pull strap closure. (Like the Ninja)

Puma Una TLSL Shown Above

The Puma Una spinal braces deliver comfort and control for your back pain patient. The plush breathable fabric provides the comfort. The rigid Kydex plates provide the control.

The innovative 2-2-2 compression system allows the brace to be gently snugged, even by elderly arthritis sufferers with diminished hand strength.

With just two sizes, Petite and Grande, the Puma Una can accurately fit patient torso shapes from 30” to 66”.

The Lynx

Reinforced elastic, rigid inserts, 2-stage elastic cinching. (Like the LumboLux)

Lynx MP Shown Above

The Lynx spinal brace is made of reinforced elastic with polymer plates in pockets. Two-stage elastic cinching allows for easy compression. You might say, “It’s a cinch to cinch.”

The orthopedic latex-free elastic offers ventilation for cool comfort as it contours itself to any body shape.

The molded polymer control plates are heat remoldable.

Dual Coding

Most BDO spinal braces are dual-coded by PDAC. That means that are designed to be dispensed as is (OTS) or to be custom fitted by an experienced professional.
The polymer plates may be heat remolded to conform to the torso.

Styles Custom Fit Off the Shelf (OTS) Profile
Panther LP L0627 L0642 LSO
Panther MP L0627 L0642 LSO
Panther SP L0631 L0648 LSO
Panther SL L0637 L0650 LSO
Panther TL L0456 L0457 TLSO
Panther TLSL L0464 Custom Only TLSO
Puma Una
Puma Una MP L0627 L0642 LSO
Puma Una SP L0631 L0648 LSO
Puma Una SL L0637 L0650 LSO
Puma Una TL L0456 L0457 TLSO
Puma Una TLS L0464 Custom Only TLSO
Leopard SP L0631 L0648 LSO
Leopard SL L0637 L0650 LSO
Leopard TL L0456 L0457 TLSO
Leopard TLS L0456 L0457 TLSO
Lynx MP L0627 L0642 LSO
Lynx SP L0631 L0648 LSO

Custom Branding

Blue Diamond Orthopedic’s Custom Branding helps you stand out from the competition. Our slogan is: “Best Value in Spinal Bracing!” We trust you’ll agree, but besides our quality braces and unmatched service, we also offer something a little extra. Custom branding!

See more about custom branding your braces!

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